Friday, August 04, 2006

Friends of the Carpenter

Here is team VPC flipping burgers at the Friends of the Carpenter Dance...

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We’ll be at the 13th Annual Uptown Village Street Festival on August 19-20th! We won’t have pizza and our store won’t be open but we’ll be there! We’ll be selling Teriyaki Burgers, our very own “much-asked-for-and-missed” Derron’s Delights, cookies, pop and T-shirts. We’d love for you to come by, say hello and eat with us! It’ll be just like old times!!!

While you’re visiting us, enter to win FREE PIZZA. The lucky winner will receive a FREE PIZZA EVERY MONTH FOR A YEAR! It just can’t get any better than that!!!

See you there!!

1 comment:

Leith said...

I want pizza!

But If I cannt have pizza (yet) I'll settle for a T-shirt! I sure hope you have one in my size so that I can wear it on Saturday while I chalk the walk RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!
Yes, you read that right, I got the spot closest to VP so that I could do somthing special just for youz guyz.

Cannt wait! See you soon!
Leith Zeutenhorst