Monday, November 20, 2006

We are still making progress!!!

Well, it has been awhile since I blogged on here! We have been very busy with our remodel! We have all the painting done and the floor was just finished tonight! So, we will be working on starting to pull some of the loose ends together!

We continue to be in need of employees! Over the age of 18 and able to deliver are two important requirements!

A special thank you goes out to LSW Architects for all their help with our rebuild! And to Scott and Sam and their crew at Scott Mikel & Associates Real Estate who helped us paint and install some of our ceiling tiles! Thanks to Eric and Eric of Alpine Design who have done a wonderful job with the counters and trim work. Leith, you are my, oh! so very talented artist. Also, a big hug to my two kids, Kristen and Ryan, for always being there when I need you!!! There are many others - you know who you are - hugs to all of you!!!

When are we re-opening? That remains to be seen! We hope to be up and somewhat operational by the middle of December! In the meantime, if I don't have your email address, please be sure to send it to me at so that you are included in our updates! Thanks for all of you who are so loyal and patient!!! Karen, Cliff and the VPC Family!

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You guys need any more help?

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