Saturday, May 24, 2008

Crust Made with Whole Wheat

I have been noticing that there is a chain who is now advertising 100% Whole-Wheat Crusts. I wonder if they put anything else in the crust besides just the basic ingredients. We tried to do a 100% Whole-Wheat Crust and the staff absolutely loved it. It was a very simple recipe using only a handful of healthy ingredients. But we discovered that most customers who tested it didn't want that much of a wheat taste. That's why we went with a mix of coarse whole wheat flour and our unbleached original flour. Healthy is what we are striving for and that's the reason that we use honey rather than sugar, why we use olive oil rather than shortening, and why we do not add any fillers or "fake ingredients" to our dough!

Whole-grain products have more than triple the fiber, more iron, more calcium and double the protein. Also, keep in mind that when grains are refined, other nutrients, such as vitamin E, vitamin B6 and magnesium, are removed. Many whole-grain products have added sugars and other ingredients that you can certainly live without. As an example, look at some of the products on the market that advertise their product as "natural." I'm not sure what the "natural" means in some products, because even though all the ingredients - including added sugar, soybean oil, calcium sulfate, cultured wheat starch, sugar cane fiber, molasses, etc. - are "natural" as opposed to "fake," that doesn't mean they ought to be in your bread or pizza. So be careful when someone says 100% Whole Wheat - you need to be certain that it doesn't contain a lot of other ingredients your body doesn't need.

You can be confident that, at Vancouver Pizza, we will always strive to being you quality and healthy pizza!

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