Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ovens are in, breadsticks can't be far behind!!!

Okay, so who would ever have known that it would take six months to get Vancouver Pizza up and running? I sure would not have!!! What a learning curve!!! But it is really shaping up! Eric of Alpine Design is working feverishly to get the last minute counter tops and shelving done! What an amazing job he is doing with the woodwork! Our ovens are in and ready to be fired up and used!!! Our new soda machine was installed this week. We moved our dear ol' dough machine in yesterday (December 5) with the help of Scott Cameron, Eric, Jeff and Harry's Locksmith (well, really Pat loaned us their safe mover but not his muscle - what's up, Pat!!! Hey, we did appreciate the "lift!"). Bryce of TDK Electric came in and wired it up for us and with great apprehension we threw the breaker and hit the switch! But it wouldn't start up! I ran and got the safety cage, we hooked it back on and Presto!!! it worked! Hurrah!! One more thing checked off the list!!

Let me share with you some amazing things that have happened - even better than whether a shelf was built!!! I had a wonderful man, John and his dog, Barney, come by the store the other day and give me a picture of his dog and him. Attached to the picture was a crisp $100 bill! Then today, Wednesday, a lady walking down the street handed me a bill and said "I want you to use this for napkins." She wouldn't tell me her name; she just smiled and continued walking down Main Street. I unrolled the bill and it was $100!! We had just received a shipment for our paper towels and holders that came to $123! Coincidence??!! I don't think so!!! Thank you my angels in disguise! Daily, I am touched by the emails I receive or the words that are spoken, the help that is given or the gifts that are bestowed. Blessings to all of you, once again!!

Vancouver Pizza will rise again - even better than before. But my prayer is that the community has been united somehow throughout all of this - that you have felt a part of something bigger than yourself at work! Hugs! Karen, Cliff and the VPC Family


Dawn & Nelson said...

Hi guys:
When you open, will you be delivering, and if you do, will you deliver to Hayden Island, by any chance?

We're looking forward to trying the pizza!


Vancouver Pizza said...

Hi there Dawn and Nelson: Yes, we will be delivering to Hayden Island! We look forward to the time when we can get one of our delicious pizzas to you!! By the way, I went to your blog site - am so sorry to hear about the deaths you have experienced! My father passed away in April and my mother 3 years ago. Still miss them terribly!! Karen

Uncle Sam said...

Carol and I will be back in May and look forward to renewing our addiction to your fine pizza and fantastic service. We were sad when you closed the store in Tech Center and devastated when the fire took your ovens off line. We often wondered how all of you were faring. I can see you are still the same upbeat crew we came to love.

jp said...

We are pizza freaks. Just relocated from Las Vegas, looking to get hooked up. Can you help?

Vancouver Pizza said...

Dear JP: We would be happy to get you hooked up! Keep checking on the blog site for our opening or send me your name, address and email address for updates! We look forwarding to having you come in! Karen

arwen said...

i'm so glad that I will get some B3 this time when I come over... :)