Saturday, July 15, 2006

Continuing the Journey

The past four weeks have flown by so quickly! We feel, though, that we have been standing still even amidst a flurry of activity! Our family (which includes our employees!) have worked very hard getting everything out of the building. (You should have seen Ryan swinging the 20 lb sledgehammer!!) And Robert and Chris from Designers Northwest are to be thanked for their continued involvement along with Compass Church, our dear friends and many others. Again, thank you!

Demolition is set to begin on Monday, July 17 and will entail taking out walls, the drop ceiling and the floor, etc. In the meantime, LSW, our architect neighbors, have been working very diligently trying to come up with some new floor plans! We are so thankful to them!

We continue to receive emails and encouragement and are so appreciative of that. There is really nothing physically that can be done at this time as a contractor is involved. We continue to solicit your prayers for us and, if you have time before Monday, come on down and sign our front door. It might be blocked off during demolition from Monday through Wednesday. I hope to incorporate that door, somehow, into the inside of the store. Ideas????

Many of you have asked about being able to give gifts. At first we said no, thank you, but we have since decided (after receiving many emails concerning this) that we will accept gifts which can be made payable to Vancouver Pizza/McMillen and mailed to us at 2219 Main Street, Vancouver, WA 98660. Your name will appear on some sort of a placard or wall hanging to show our gratitude. I thought about putting name plates on chairs if you wanted to "buy" one but decided that might wreak havoc if someone was sitting in "your" chair and you wanted it! I can just visualize that and kind of chuckle at the thought! Anyway, we will have a place inside the store for your name to go!

We remain grateful to customers like those on this blog site who have such kind words. We still continue to be amazed at how much our pizza home is yours also! Karen, Cliff, Kristen, Ryan, Becky, Kerri, Shar, Emily and Danielle

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